Shadows Over Urnst

From the Journal of Velish Tarmin

Day 1 Each day spent amongst these Northern barbarians grates upon my soul. Very few are even worthy of speaking to one such as I and yet they yammer and bleat at me as if I were their equal. But each indignity merely fuels my hate for the one they call Rary the Traitor. However, as the Wise Ones say “great misfortune often brings great opportunities”. Today a traveling entertainer by the name of Calumjans brought word to the Lord Drarigan from a group of Freemen I have chanced to associate with in the past. The messenger brought tidings of a great and ancient evil to the west that could be connected to one of the old noble families of Seltaren. When Lord Drarigan suggested I could help with the investigation I saw an opportunity to further ingratiate myself to such a powerful lord who one day might be prevailed upon to help win back my realm. In addition having worked with these Freemen before I knew that they were competent, well funded, and honorable (for barbarians).

Day 2 The stench of the city today is like a wet jackal that has been rolling in its own feces. How these heathens live so close together I will never understand. Perhaps they are all inbred simpletons. I have, however, been able acquire a new pomade for my moustache that does much to hide the reek of this place. The investigation into the Collinae began today. Accompanied by the brothers, Angus and Conor, and Calumjans we went to the last remaining estate of the Collinae family we could find. There we found a miserable fellow clinging to past glories while his world crumbles around him. Such will not be the fate of the great Tarmin clan; I WILL reclaim what is rightfully mine and bathe in the blood of my foes. This fellow did however prove of some use as he was able to identify a former lover of the lich we seek when she was still mortal. One Eric Albreda, it seems to have been driven mad by his infatuation with her and was committed into the asylum at the temple of Pelor for a number of years. Speaking to the priests revealed that Eric had written a substantial amount of his ravings down, but that we would need permission from a family member to get access to the records. Given that Lady Albreda is an archrival of Lord Drarigan this may prove difficult. Next stop was the hall of records to look for some keep in the western hills. Seeing how dingy, dull, and exceedingly pointless this endeavor was I stopped at a nearby tavern to see if I could learn anything about goings on in the Bright Lands.

Day 3 I think someone must have tried to poison me last night, that or these goatsons know nothing about how to make wine. I must not let on that I am in anyway incapacitated least an assassin takes this opportunity to strike. Truly though, it is as if an elephant has stepped on my head. In a desperate gamble the others have decided to go and seek an audience with Lady Albreta to get the necessary permission to see Eric Albreda’s scribblings. As expected such a foolish endeavor was doomed to failure. Poor Calumjams was even trying to barter favors from Lord Drarigan in exchange for information. If Lord Drarigan knew he’d be furious. As usual it was up to me to salvage victory from defeat. On the way in Lady Albreta’s daughters were quick to notice my magnificence and upon our departure implored me to attend a fete they were attending that night. An opportunity such as this could not be overlooked and I graciously agreed. After reporting to Lord Drarigan and obtaining additional invitations for my companions we set out. Alas, the party was attended only by sycophants and dullards who knew nothing of what it means to be civilized and simply mocked that which their small minds could not possibly hope to comprehend. It took all my strength of will not to stoop to their level and remind them of their inferiority. Instead, with the help of the minstrel, I danced the Dance of Kings. Though it had been some time since I had performed it I none the less stunned those lackwits into silence and aroused the passions of the Albreda daughters to such an extent that they insisted I ravish them immediately. We only just made it to the garden before they threw themselves upon me. Once I had satisfied their ardour somewhat I was a trifle to get the permission we needed to access the records of Eric Albreta.

Day 4 Such lascivious creatures these barbarians are, though they know nothing of the finer points of the sensual arts they almost make up for it in sheer enthusiasm. Fortunately my years of martial training served me well and I was able to endure until the dawn. I returned to my comrades in triumph with the signed note that was needed to unlock the secrets of the lich-lover. Immediately we proceeded to the temple were we began the exceedingly dull task of reviewing the ravings of a mad man. Such activities do not suit a man of action such as myself, but eventually the tedium paid off and we were able to discover suggestions of a secret chamber below a playhouse where the lich-to-be would perform occult rituals. Finally, a direct course of action! No more dithering around. To the Crypts! After a number of hours searching in the musty darkness, my enthusiasm for this venture has waned somewhat. At last we have found the tomb of the Calabran family, a long deceased line of warriors. After a few attempts we are able to get the doors open, but all attempts at stealth are lost as the cursed hinges screech like a thousand dying cats when door is opened. Inside we find the ghost of Eric Albreta waiting for the return of his lich women to return. Before we can gain any information from him though we are beset on all sides by the animated remains of the once proud Calabran warriors lead by a great armored warrior of old. Fortunately, they were no match for our skill and we handily defeated them. Alas, even after their defeat we were able to get little from the ghost. Investigating the chamber proved more useful as we found a jeweled skull that practically oozes evil and a number of documents and receipts referencing a particular dwarven clan by the name of Goldforge that resides in the Cairn Hills. Our mission complete, we sought to return to Lord Dragigan only to find our way blocked by the minions of Lady Albreda. A bloody melee ensued and even after we had gained the upper hand the whoresons stayed and fought. One of them even got a blow past my guard and nearly slew me! But it was not my time to die. Great deeds still remain to be done and the likes of Velish Tarmin will not go quietly into the night!

A Dark Past Revealed
Wherein our heroes learn of a companion's history

Upon return from their investigation of the lair of Brinsop and the interrogation of Lord Algon Windstep for clues as to the plot and location of the necromancer Leurona Collinae, the group discovers that the daughter of the Senechal, Emeria has gone missing. Teng, having been courting Emeria, is distraught at the news as a dark fear grips his heart. The heroes launch into a search of the temple grounds to try and find clues as to Emeria’s disappearance. Clues point to Emeria having been abducted: the magic wards placed around her room have been tampered with, and two patrolling guards reveal that they were magically subdued.

Kalik senses Teng’s apprehension and inquires as to what he may fear. In doing so, Teng reveals that he is a fugitive from the mysterious Scarlet Brotherhood, a rogue nation of fanatical human Suel supremacists bent on seizing power to advance their cause. Teng fears that the Brotherhood may be involved in abducting Emeria as a way to lure him into a trap either to kill him for his betrayal or attempt to bring him back into the fold.

As the group searches the grounds for any hint of her abduction, Teng begins a fruitless search in the town for any witnesses as to her kidnappers. As he is about to give up hope, he is suddenly confronted by his former master, Uncle Donovan of the Scarlet Brotherhood. Donovan reveals that he intends to use Emeria as leverage to force Teng to return with him to the Brotherhood. Teng rebukes Donovan’s attempts to lure him away and Donovan attacks, intending to subdue Teng for his capture. As Teng and Donovan fight, the party is alerted by Kraw, Alistaar’s familiar and rush to his aid. Overwhelmed by the might of the heroes (and the assistance of the town guard), Uncle Donovan is defeated and chooses death over capture, killing himself before the party can subdue him.

Upon inspection of Donovan’s clothing, trace amounts of magical dust is found and the heroes discover the source of the dust is the tower of the wizard Sevarik. The heroes quickly travel to the tower, driven by Teng’s fear of Emeria’s fate should Donovan not return. Attempting to gain entry to the tower through subterfuge proves daunting to the party and they are attacked by Sevarik, his guards, and a quartet of Scarlet Brotherhood monks. Fighting bravely through difficult odds, weakened by their ordeal with Donovan, the heroes manage to triumph and defeat Sevarik and the monks, although Teng is nearly felled in the battle. The heroes discover Emeria alive and well and with the surrendered Sevarik in tow, they return to Castle Marae.


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