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Hereks jurnal

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Herek, frends Kalik Mylee Alustar and new small frend made small man keng no that we no hurt them no mor, that Herek ther frend. Utherz talk lots and Herek not no what being sed. Frend Kalik tellz Herek to follo new small man frend down into dark place kald Hall of Ingen..enjinearing…Herek not shur so he sory. Herek and frendz follo new small man down far where utherz long time ago live. Small man go in front Herek see if sayf for us. Herek and frendz uhtakt by monsterz Herek nevr see before…um hard for Herek make otherz see what Herek seez…umm…thay look like flowting hedz with byrd beek with meny tentuhkulz. Ther wuz big werm lotz tentuhkulz with them. Herek and frendz woond’d but kill all but wun. Herek and frendz furthur into dark place and come to big room that small men uzd talk. Herek and frendz uhtakt by big ded eye but it still uhliv. Herek thinks big ded eye not ded cuz it hurt Herek and Hereks frendz, it made Herek and frendz blood evereewear. Big ded eye fall grownd and Hereks frendz talk with small man Herek see threw, Herek not kno what wuz sed but Hereks frendz happy after talk with see threw small man. Frend Kalik tellz Herek that evil nekromansy lady build place in big hillz and that one day we find her to kill her, make Herek happy to do. New small man frend take Herek and frendz to see small man keng uhgen. Small man keng happy big ded eye ded, give Herek and frendz shynee thingz to help. Herek good at riting now…Herek prowd. Herek lern lotz from frend Kalik. (In walks Kalik to see what Herek is doing….looks over what Herek is writing down…) “Well Herek, you are making some good progress but you have a long way to go, but I’m proud of you and so is Pelor. It is good to see that you can now write each letter. Just keep practicing and you will be writing your memoirs before you know it”. “Herek like shinee gawd, heelz Herek. Herek glad frendz lern him rite. Frend Kalik, what r memwarz?” “They are recollections of your life Here. People write them so that the important things they do won’t be forgotten after they are no longer with us but are with Pelor.” “O K. Frend Kalik, why you no byrdz and beez? Herek like byrdz and beez!” “That’s because Pelor wishes me not too Herek. In the eyes of Pelor, faith and servitude to all things good in the world are what is important. Helping those in need and giving hope to those that have none are what gives me satisfaction in life. You will see Herek, Pelor has a plan for you that most assuredly entails birds and bees. Though, I feel that many dark days are ahead of all of us my friend and evil is on the rise but we will see it through and win the day especially if we can all have your kind heart and ability to see the good in things where others cannot. I think that is enough for now Herek, shall we go to the temple and pray for Pelor’s guidance? Then perhaps we can go to the inn for dinner and an ale?” “Herek thank frend Kalik for kind werdz. Herek smash evil but not now. Herek go pray to shinee gawd. Makez Herek feel good. Find Teng and uhtherz to drink ale and eat. Herek meet you at tempel. Herek hungree and want ale”. [Hey guys I basically wanted to do this journal entry from Herek’s perspective and abilities hence the lack of detail and coherence…since others in the group are aiding in Herek’s learning to read and write process I was hoping that if you wanted to add anything Herek left out that you would sorta like a teacher instructing a student. Let me know if you would prefer to just have me write a synopsis of what transpired when its my turn again?]


Thanks for the write-up! I’m all for it, looks like a great way to keep the character of the game going. I deleted the other comments since I don’t think they were intentional…

Hereks jurnal

Friend Herek. You have come a long way. Thanks for your perspecitve, it helps the rest of us realize what is really important. Pelor will continue to favor you and reward your prayers. An ale sounds good, let us go pray so we can keep the favor of Pelor…………

Hereks jurnal

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