Shadows Over Urnst

A Dark Past Revealed

Wherein our heroes learn of a companion's history

Upon return from their investigation of the lair of Brinsop and the interrogation of Lord Algon Windstep for clues as to the plot and location of the necromancer Leurona Collinae, the group discovers that the daughter of the Senechal, Emeria has gone missing. Teng, having been courting Emeria, is distraught at the news as a dark fear grips his heart. The heroes launch into a search of the temple grounds to try and find clues as to Emeria’s disappearance. Clues point to Emeria having been abducted: the magic wards placed around her room have been tampered with, and two patrolling guards reveal that they were magically subdued.

Kalik senses Teng’s apprehension and inquires as to what he may fear. In doing so, Teng reveals that he is a fugitive from the mysterious Scarlet Brotherhood, a rogue nation of fanatical human Suel supremacists bent on seizing power to advance their cause. Teng fears that the Brotherhood may be involved in abducting Emeria as a way to lure him into a trap either to kill him for his betrayal or attempt to bring him back into the fold.

As the group searches the grounds for any hint of her abduction, Teng begins a fruitless search in the town for any witnesses as to her kidnappers. As he is about to give up hope, he is suddenly confronted by his former master, Uncle Donovan of the Scarlet Brotherhood. Donovan reveals that he intends to use Emeria as leverage to force Teng to return with him to the Brotherhood. Teng rebukes Donovan’s attempts to lure him away and Donovan attacks, intending to subdue Teng for his capture. As Teng and Donovan fight, the party is alerted by Kraw, Alistaar’s familiar and rush to his aid. Overwhelmed by the might of the heroes (and the assistance of the town guard), Uncle Donovan is defeated and chooses death over capture, killing himself before the party can subdue him.

Upon inspection of Donovan’s clothing, trace amounts of magical dust is found and the heroes discover the source of the dust is the tower of the wizard Sevarik. The heroes quickly travel to the tower, driven by Teng’s fear of Emeria’s fate should Donovan not return. Attempting to gain entry to the tower through subterfuge proves daunting to the party and they are attacked by Sevarik, his guards, and a quartet of Scarlet Brotherhood monks. Fighting bravely through difficult odds, weakened by their ordeal with Donovan, the heroes manage to triumph and defeat Sevarik and the monks, although Teng is nearly felled in the battle. The heroes discover Emeria alive and well and with the surrendered Sevarik in tow, they return to Castle Marae.


Sweet! Thanks for posting that. I was a little surprised how quickly you decided that Emeria’s disappearance was the work of the Scarlett Brotherhood, but maybe I shouldn’t be given her ties to Teng. All in all well played!

A Dark Past Revealed

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